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March 18, 2019 leon

Your Own College Branded Online Shopfront

Sell Tutorial Extras to Your Learners at Affordable Rates.

Your own College Branded Online Shop – Pre-stocked with affordable tutorial extras

We pre-stock your online shop with college tutorial extras so that it’s open for business from the get-go.

You can immediately earn extra money for your college from our math tutorial extras: Your Maths Exam Paper Booklets, Netflix (4) Maths and Math(s)Lab Subscriptions.

This Online Shopfront will automate the marketing, payment and extra lesson course registration with no additional administrative burden to your college/school.

College Maths Tutorial Extras – Immediately ready for Sale – R16.5 Million to R1 Billion

The Market Potential for the maths tutorial extras which are immediately available from us, for you to sell to your learners via your online shop, is about R16,5 MILLION. (Based on an average size Public TVET College)

The Total Market Potential for these extras to learners all Public TVET Colleges within reach of the internet, is in excess of ONE BILLION. How much you actually make is up to you.

Learner Benefits – Affordable tutorial extras, to get skilled, get qualified, and get employed

Most learners at TVET Colleges cannot afford the extra lesson opportunities available to more affluent communities. The TVET College failure rate is high.

Through this online shopfront, your college can sell your Maths Exam Paper Booklets, Netflix (4) Maths and Math(s)Lab in smaller modular chunks for as little as R50 per learner.

To make this possible, the online shopfront automatically processes large volumes of small affordable transactions, which eventually adds up to a big amount for the college.

Once a learner pays, she/he’s automatically enrolled, in the relevant tutorial on your Learning Management System, where their progress can be automatically monitored by your college.

Benefit To your College – Handsome Profits to Reinvest to the Benefit of Your Learners

Maths Exam Paper Booklets, Netflix (4) Maths and MatH(s)Lab is offered to your college at a flat fee. In 90% colleges, the cost to the college works out to 73 cents to R5 learner per month. On the other hand, your charge per learner for a typical college tutorial extra can be between R50 – R900 per annum. These prices are a small fraction of what learners currently pay.

Your College Online Shopfront also turns a a handsome profit. What ever surplus you make you can reinvest to the benefit of learners and help break the spiral of poverty and unemployment.